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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! Maynard’s Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal is a small privately owned business started this year in January 2019. We have a few goals we’d like to accomplish, and they’re pretty ambitious. Our focus is to be your reliable choice for help with pesky critters that scurrying about your property without your say!

Another one of our goals is to create a healthy Apiary/ Bee farm. Starting now, and into the coming years by conducting safe beehive removals and relocations. The  process of re-habituating wild bees is a very hazardous task but the need for it has grown considerably.




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Nick Maynard

Nick Maynard



Hey there! if you’re reading this then you have my appreciation for spending the time to do so. I started this business after working with other Specialists & Biologists in the field. Gathering as much knowledge as possible, knowing this is an industry I want to be involved in. I’ve conducted various kinds of removals, and I feel that I can safely consider myself an expert in nuisance wildlife removal. Scratch that, not only an expert but a professional that you can rely on for these situations.


Simply the best in the business. If you want fair pricing and a real expert in wildlife removal then don't settle for a larger company that will treat you like a number. Nick is on a different level when it comes to customer service and in-depth wildlife knowledge. He also demonstrates the ability to create a win-win strategy for all three parties; the client, company & animal being removed. Call him to save money & wildlife!.” Matthew Steinborn

I called Nick this morning about a massive honey bee hive in our front yard. He was out here within 30 minutes and took care of the problem. Very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend using him! Thanks again for your helpTeresa Smith

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When nature becomes a nuisance, you can count on Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal to get the job done correctly! We adapt to overcome any obstacles we encounter during a removal!

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