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Armadillo Removal services

These little armored hogs ones are digging machines capable of maintaining multiple burrows on your property. Although they only use one to raise their young which are always four identical babies of the same sex! They’re feeding habits can be an annoyance uprooting your lawns and landscaping looking for insects in the dirt. Burrows made by armadillos can pose a real threat to the cement slab of a patio or air condition unit, pools can suffer cracks & leaks from being weakened due to loss of stability.  The tunnels can be as long as 15 ft and up to 8 inches in diameter which is cause for concern when these tunnels are located in unwanted locations such as your home.




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identifying if you have an Armadillo problem

There’s plenty of mystery as to which animal is causing the digging in your yard, although there are indications as to what’s causing it. Armadillos often leave several small holes grouped sporadically throughout a neighborhood, due to their selective diet, which involves shoveling their head into the dirt and using their tongue to grab insects. A burrow left by an Armadillo will usually be 8 inches across, the depth will vary from shallow escape holes to a deeper tunnel which will range in length & complexity. The entrances are generally undercover to provide the armadillo with some safety as it enters and exits.

What makes it a nuisance?

Dens created by Armadillos will attract other wildlife such as Raccoons, Snakes & Opossums, these critters will move into these burrows if given a chance. It’s speculated that Armadillos have a distinct smell which will draw in other Armadillos, so if these burrows aren’t filled after the offending critter has been removed, then you can expect another armadillo to show up eventually. Irritants placed in the soil around the filled burrows works very well! These little diggers prefer to work with a cover over their heads, so they love to place the entrance of the burrows in thick bushes or underneath a concrete slab surrounded by vegetation. If they choose to dig a tunnel underneath your home, it could cause some stability problems with the foundation. A large amount of dirt can be displaced by these animals when they dig a burrow which could weaken the concrete above it.

Armadillo Removal Process

It’s crucial to locate active burrows when trying to remove armadillos, flagging the entrance with a light cover such newspaper or sticks & leaves will serve as an indicator of whether the tunnel has had any new traffic. Using boards to funnel the path of the armadillo, place live traps facing the burrow or covering different angles of approach. Set multiple traps and cover as many angles as possible to help even the odds. Armadillo trapping and removal can be very difficult to do and in some cases will require patience.

Armadillo Removal service areas

Affordable armadillo removal, and preventative services in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Naples, Port Charlotte, Estero, Marco Island & North Fort Myers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove gators or bears?

No, we don't offer any removal services for alligators or bears. Your best option would be to get in contact with FWC concerning these animals.

Can't the city or the county take care of the problem for free?
Unfortunately, the county/city doesn't offer any trapping or removal services for nuisance wildlife or honeybees. Given there's some severe situation that's endangering the lives of civilians, emergency responders would be dispatched at that point. But these circumstances are rare in comparison to what the personnel usually handle.
What makes your removal methods humane & effective?

Maynard's NWBR refuses to use any traps that will bind the animals in a harmful manner. We do our best not to injure the animals during a removal. Our traps will catch the animals without causing unnecessary damage to them.

When is a property inspection necessary?

Property inspections are useful whenever you're uncertain about the state of your property. If you have cause to believe critters are roaming around your home or you've heard some noises in the attic. Contact Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, and have us take a look!

Are you a private company or r government funded?

Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, Inc. is not funded by any governing bodies. The owner and founder of Maynard's NWBR, is Nick Maynard, a native Floridian focused on building his fledgling business. We take pride in our autonomous operations. Along with the fact this company was built without the help of any outside investors.  

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