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Bee removal services

Honeybees are one of our favored creatures that can fall into the nuisance wildlife category, but fortunately, a swarm or beehive can be relocated. In many cases, your soffit or attic is where you’ll find a hive built by bees when you suspect they’re on your property in mass. It provides a relatively high-up, private area for them to build a hive which will only grow as time progresses. Believe it or not, their decision to migrate to your property will often go unnoticed for quite some time! To find out more information about bee removal in Fort Myers or any surrounding areas contact us.




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identifying bees

Wait for them to settle onto a plant and take a look, Honeybees aren’t hard to identify if you’re patient enough to wait for them to land. Often described as having yellows stripes and a fuzzy body. We all know these little flower divers make some delicious honey but also pack a painful sting! There are many different types of bees, but only some particular breeds are kept by beekeepers. Despite the heat in Florida, people will often find a hive in their attic if it’s not checked regularly. The bees will usually build their honeycomb in the soffit which will allow them to ventilate, and control the temperature around the comb. Removal of a colony from an attic is possible but can be very difficult.

Identifying if you have a beehive or swarm

Beehives take months to grow and develop to the point where they can swarm. Swarms are caused by the colony of bees becoming too over-populated. This results in the queens pheromones not being distributed evenly among all of the bees. When a hive reaches it’s capacity the queen will lay new queen cells and prepare to leave the hive. When she does leave, around 60% of the worker bees will follow her. So if there’s a decent amount of traffic going in and out of a small opening this will usually mean a hive is located inside. A large ball of bees perched on the side of a building, or tree, usually, is a swarm of bees looking for a new home.

what makes bees a nuisance?

There’s no argument, Honeybees benefit us many ways. People get numerous uses from the subtle workings of each beehive. Unfortunately, when a colony is located in your home or on your property it will change your perspective immediately. If not properly managed, a hive will draw in all sorts of pests. These pests such as wax moths, cockroaches, and hive beetles will all take up residence on your property too. All trying to gain access to that delicious wax and honey. When this happens a hive cutout must be conducted by a beekeeper or licensed pest control operator. If possible, seal the area off after a cutout so bees can’t access it in the future.

bee removal process

Gaining access and exposing as much of the hive as possible is key to removing the entire beehive. Wax attracts all sorts of pests. It’s essential to be thorough when performing a cutout. A low-suction vacuum must be used to not harm the bees. Using a vacuum allows you to sift through worker bees and find the queen. We’re talking thousands of bees in most cases, so the queen doesn’t always stand out. Once the queen is located, secure her in a cage designed to hold queens and put the caged queen into your hive box. As the comb is cut out, it should be trimmed, and fitted into a frame. After the frame is prepared, place it gently inside the new hive box during your removal. At Maynard’s Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, we specialize in bee removal in Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas!

bee removal service areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove gators or bears?

No, we don't offer any removal services for alligators or bears. Your best option would be to get in contact with FWC concerning these animals.

Can't the city or the county take care of the problem for free?
Unfortunately, the county/city doesn't offer any trapping or removal services for nuisance wildlife or honeybees. Given there's some severe situation that's endangering the lives of civilians, emergency responders would be dispatched at that point. But these circumstances are rare in comparison to what the personnel usually handle.
What makes your removal methods humane & effective?

Maynard's NWBR refuses to use any traps that will bind the animals in a harmful manner. We do our best not to injure the animals during a removal. Our traps will catch the animals without causing unnecessary damage to them.

When is a property inspection necessary?

Property inspections are useful whenever you're uncertain about the state of your property. If you have cause to believe critters are roaming around your home or you've heard some noises in the attic. Contact Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, and have us take a look!

Are you a private company or r government funded?

Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, Inc. is not funded by any governing bodies. The owner and founder of Maynard's NWBR, is Nick Maynard, a native Floridian focused on building his fledgling business. We take pride in our autonomous operations. Along with the fact this company was built without the help of any outside investors.  

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