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Removing birds can be tricky call now to get a low-cost quote for bird removal in Fort Myers and surrounding areas.




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identifying if you have a bird problem

Now when it comes to birds, it’s essential to identify the type of bird causing the nuisance on your property. If the bird belongs to a protected species, then your choices will be limited in most cases. Florida and various laws protect most migratory birds. A permit is required to remove any state listed birds or protected species. Removing birds can be tricky call now for a free quote for bird removal in Fort Myers and surrounding areas.

What makes these Birds a nuisance?

Birds are capable of all sorts of trouble. Since birds are very social creatures you’re usually dealing with more than one if you let the problem progress for too long. Encounters with birds will range from the birds placing their nests in undesirable locations, defecating on merchandise & property, and swooping down on anyone whenever they feel territorial. The roof of your home or the soffit connected to your attic are perfect roosts for some birds. Shelter is essential for any animal, and any type of bird will love to have an attic all to themselves! 

Bird Removal Process

Any removal is affected by the location & size of the bird. If the birds have gained access to your attic, it’s essential to remove all nests and to provide an exit for the bird if a hands-on removal isn’t possible. Install a one-way door/valve at the entrance created by the birds. Once all birds have cleared from the attic, then the access point can be sealed and reinforced. Preventative maintenance on any possible access points into your home is always beneficial. Nets are the favored method when dealing with larger birds. It’s essential not to injure the birds during the removal, so be as careful as you can. Wrapping the bird in an old blanket will help keep the bird from harming itself, or others. Removing birds from an open area will take time & patience but also a dedicated control plan.

Bird Removal service areas

Affordable bird removal, and preventative services. Servicing Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Naples, Port Charlotte, Estero, Marco Island & North Fort Myers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove gators or bears?

No, we don't offer any removal services for alligators or bears. Your best option would be to get in contact with FWC concerning these animals.

Can't the city or the county take care of the problem for free?
Unfortunately, the county/city doesn't offer any trapping or removal services for nuisance wildlife or honeybees. Given there's some severe situation that's endangering the lives of civilians, emergency responders would be dispatched at that point. But these circumstances are rare in comparison to what the personnel usually handle.
What makes your removal methods humane & effective?

Maynard's NWBR refuses to use any traps that will bind the animals in a harmful manner. We do our best not to injure the animals during a removal. Our traps will catch the animals without causing unnecessary damage to them.

When is a property inspection necessary?

Property inspections are useful whenever you're uncertain about the state of your property. If you have cause to believe critters are roaming around your home or you've heard some noises in the attic. Contact Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, and have us take a look!

Are you a private company or r government funded?

Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, Inc. is not funded by any governing bodies. The owner and founder of Maynard's NWBR, is Nick Maynard, a native Floridian focused on building his fledgling business. We take pride in our autonomous operations. Along with the fact this company was built without the help of any outside investors.  

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Simply the best in the business. If you want fair pricing and a real expert in wildlife removal then don't settle for a larger company that will treat you like a number. Nick is on a different level when it comes to customer service and in-depth wildlife knowledge. He also demonstrates the ability to create a win-win strategy for all three parties; the client, company & animal being removed. Call him to save money & wildlife!.” Matthew Steinborn

I called Nick this morning about a massive honey bee hive in our front yard. He was out here within 30 minutes and took care of the problem. Very knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend using him! Thanks again for your helpTeresa Smith

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