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Iguana removal services

While many people own these reptiles as pets, Iguanas can be very destructive to habitats they’re not native to. Mating during the dry season allows for their eggs to hatch from May to October, which they lay in multiple nests. These reptiles can dash in explosive bursts of speed to escape a threat. Paired with excellent eyesight makes them very difficult for predators to catch! They’ve been known to burrow in the ground near water which can cause structural damage in docks and seawalls. Removing Iguanas can be tricky call now for a free quote for iguana removal Fort Myers and surrounding areas.




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identifying if you have an Iguana problem

Green Iguanas aren’t exactly known for being reclusive, usually they can be seen basking on docks or close to water. Knowing this, if there’s been damage caused to your landscaping or something has gotten into your attic. Coupled with the fact that you live near water, this leads to a possibility of it being a reptile. Younger iguanas, just like the mature adults can be difficult to catch. Their colors are useful for blending in the foliage, which can make them hard to see. Droppings left behind by Iguanas have a large amount of dried uric acid in it, which looks like a white crusty powder on top. Locating examples such as these on your property are strong indicators of a Green Iguana.

What makes iguanas a nuisance?

Many residents of South Florida have commented on the amount of Iguanas popping up in recent years. Our environment is well suited to them with high temperatures practically year round, and few cold spells. Along with easy access to abundant food, the populations of these reptiles have to continued to grow.  Considered an invasive species, Iguanas are responsible for damage to homes, and property while depriving native wildlife of food resources. Their presence in Florida is a widely debated issue.

Iguana Removal Process

Successful iguana removal jobs almost always involve live trapping. The state of Florida considers iguanas to be an invasive species, so relocation isn’t an option for these reptiles. When trapping for iguanas, we use brightly colored baits such as fruit, or flowers to draw them into our traps. Another successful method is to place large glue boards in their paths of travel, trapping the animal in place. We check our traps often, at least once daily! Iguana removal in Fort Myers can be tricky, and we are here to simplify the process.

Iguana Removal Service Areas

Affordable Iguana removal, trapping, and preventative services. Servicing Fort Myers, cape coral, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Sanibel, Naples, Port Charlotte, Estero, Marco Island & North Fort Myers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove gators or bears?

No, we don't offer any removal services for alligators or bears. Your best option would be to get in contact with FWC concerning these animals.

Can't the city or the county take care of the problem for free?
Unfortunately, the county/city doesn't offer any trapping or removal services for nuisance wildlife or honeybees. Given there's some severe situation that's endangering the lives of civilians, emergency responders would be dispatched at that point. But these circumstances are rare in comparison to what the personnel usually handle.
What makes your removal methods humane & effective?

Maynard's NWBR refuses to use any traps that will bind the animals in a harmful manner. We do our best not to injure the animals during a removal. Our traps will catch the animals without causing unnecessary damage to them.

When is a property inspection necessary?

Property inspections are useful whenever you're uncertain about the state of your property. If you have cause to believe critters are roaming around your home or you've heard some noises in the attic. Contact Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, and have us take a look!

Are you a private company or r government funded?

Maynard's Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, Inc. is not funded by any governing bodies. The owner and founder of Maynard's NWBR, is Nick Maynard, a native Floridian focused on building his fledgling business. We take pride in our autonomous operations. Along with the fact this company was built without the help of any outside investors.  

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