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At Maynard’s Nuisance Wildlife and Bee Removal, we offer wildlife removal services in Cape Coral and surrounding areas. We are a family-owned business that treats every situation and property as if it were our own. With excellence, honesty, and genuine care, we plan to set a much-needed new standard for the wildlife removal industry. When you hire Maynard to get the job done, you are hiring a dedicated wildlife removal expert. We don’t treat you like a number. We treat you like family. If you’re looking to help a friend/ family member in need of wildlife removal in Fort Myers or surrounding areas. Fill out our contact form to get help now!

Need a different animal removed? No problem. At Maynard’s Nuisance Wildlife & Bee Removal, Inc. we remove a wide variety of nuisance wildlife such as bats, opossums, cane toads and just about anything that is a nuisance.

We are Available 24/7!